You have also brought happiness and hope in this time of pandemic, which has confined the elderly in our community for too long. Once again, thank you, and I assure you to praise your cheese P’tit Québec in our region.

Gaétan Côté

President of the Club de l’Amitié

In small towns across Québec, many small projects go unfinished due to a lack of funding and resources. P’tit Québec saw this as an opportunity to help. “P’tits Projets pas si P’tits” is an initiative which envisions empowering communities one stop at a time. The small tasks we complete give the community better spaces to come together, making for a big impact.

2021 Recap: The beginning of a tradition

We praise your participation. The whole village benefits from your contribution. Thank you P'tit Québec!

Laurent Thibeault

Mayor from 2005 - 2021

Want to see more? Let us know!

The P’tit Québec van will be back on the road soon as part of this annual initiative to lend a hand and empower local communities across Québec. If you have any questions or if you would like us to visit your town next year, let us know down below!

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